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14 Best Online Mattresses To Buy 2022: Memory Foam, Hybrid, Organic, Latex

The plush pillow top adds a luxe hotel-like feel to a relatively firm bed too. (He tried the Luxury Firm, but there are three other choices.) However, 床褥 is a stomach and back sleeper; his partner, who is often a side sleeper, found it a little too firm. There are many factors to consider when choosing a new mattress. Some people prefer a softer mattress that contours closely to the body, while others enjoy firmer mattresses that provide sturdy support. Your ideal firmness will likely depend on your body type and preferred sleep position. If you share your bed with someone who has different firmness preferences, then a dual-firmness mattress with a different feel on each side may be most suitable.


If you’re used to buying mattresses from a mattress shop, then buying mattresses online definitely can be a new experience. It is recommended to do your research in terms of different types of mattresses available in terms of material, size and mattress price. Go for a trusted brand that offers warranty and flexible payment options like EMI and also free doorstep delivery. Do you find yourself tired and exhausted, lying in the bed, and still being unable to sleep? The right type of mattress provides good comfort and support for your body, ensures good spine alignment, and a good blood circulation.

Bear Hybrid

If you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund and help arrange a mattress removal. That means comfort, peace of mind and the biggest, best mattresses – all at an unbeatable price. Save 15% off on any mattress, bed frame and bedding during our Holiday Sale.


Most owners of the Bear Hybrid are couples, and side or combination sleepers who prefer a medium-firm feeling. Mattress by Comfort Level/Firmness – Each person’s comfort level is different, and hence Duroflex provides three different variants – soft, medium and firm. The comfort level is also dependent on the sleeping positions.

This reversible hybrid offers two distinct sides designed to maintain an even sleep surface and resist sinkage for all sleepers. Our testers who weigh less than 130 pounds preferred the plush feel due to its deeper contouring, while testers who weighed more received better support from the luxury firm or firm models. The zoned coils provided enhanced lower back support and hip support, along with gentler cradling for the head and shoulders. Thanks to this broad selection, most of our testers found a firmness level that improved their alignment and reduced pressure in sensitive areas along the spine.

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